“The last Star towards the
Fantastic Limit of Phantasy”
Impossible, the Truth,
it will never change reality
because truth already is
it happens before we are ready
to mold with words
just words
since just one bit cannot hold by itself
the promise or illusion
of being possible
Molly may,
have found a way,
to hold some bits of reality on one hand
to flip it, to rip it, to speak
as others would never say

Molly is Epic, skeptic

NOT for her priceless
eyes that envision
the possible to Be,
NOT just the addiction
for future skies of mornings that rhyme with the night.

Do NOT search what you will find;
because her silence,
raise a star, to who dares her horizon,
screaming sparkles
that are listened

too much truth
cannot decide certain coincidences,
there are girls that make an honest word

Do NOT search what you will find;
but dive fantastically
while you TRY.

[by Gustavo Conte 4 Molly]
¡¡¡TKS for all support!!!!!

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"Porque [Deus] faz que o seu Sol se levante sobre Maus e Bons, e a chuva desça sobre Justos e Injustos." Mateus 5:45

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