Guzpido Krush

Information Technology, Hardware Technician
FreeBSD and Linux Servers specialist (SysAdm/DevOps)
(Ubuntu, CentOS, Gentoo, Debian, source-based distros, Linux from Scratch)
(qemu, Xen, VmWare, AWS, DigitalOcean, UOL Cloud, Tecla, docker, Oracle vbox)
Firewalls (iptables, pfsense)
Virtual Private Network (IPSec, OpenVPN)
Science (Geolocation/Mapserver, AVN-GFS models + GRADs, NETcdf libraries, libGMP)
MAILSERVERS: SMTP tuning, proper deliverance, mail-list, mass-mailing

(Apache, nginx, tomcat7)
(ANSI C, Perl, shell script, JavaScript)
embedded systems (Raspberry Pi, ARM)
Proxy, caches, fetchers
(Squid, Varnish, phantomJS)
pfSense firewall customizations,
(Bind, named)

MySQL and pgSQL; dbSysAdm tasks
I.T. Management experience;
hardcore independent Internet Provider, huge traffic,
had the pleasure of being a UOL partner
in several different occasions.

UNIX-like kernel tuning/compilation
MONITORING (Nagios/Centreon)
LOGs analysis, parsing, syslog-ng integration
ElasticSearch, Kibana

Poetry & Karaoke (singing, a true challenge for me. I love challenges. You’ll probably not. 😀 )
Lyra (mathemuzic)SysAdm/DevOps
reChuÇo - YouTUBEVentura - 2D engine


Linux System Administrator, expert,
problem-solver, DevOps specialist,
old school hacker mindset; If information is POWER
dividing knowledge is multiplication of POWER;
The first step to community.

I've learned just to teach my good fellas. I've learned to read to learn how to write my own words.
Only W0rds -- all we need; Back in the past we had to deal with isolation; BBS's were the only rescue to community, documentation, sharing of knowledge. Today things are different. WE live in such times, when Freedom's so much close to a true accomplishment, that liberty is threatened as never before. It's the light that generates the shadow's, which brakes free on the turning of the horizon. It's our light, not our shadow, that most scares us. (Carl Gustav JUNG)

Information Technology, Hardware Technician
FreeBSD and Linux Servers specialist (SysAdm/DevOps)

Computers, captivated since the age of five. Firmly believing in the possibility of human relief through technology, that is the search for a better world through innovation and free solutions.

Decades of experience with personal computers, more than ten years with production and Internet servers, aligning the professional and personal development through practice.

Willingness to self-taught expertise as needed, always learn for a day teach the value of cooperation and fellowship, using creativity to benefit all the most proactive way, facing difficulties as challenges to be overcome. – –




ALL SONGS MADE BY GUZPIDO KRUSH (me) with Renoise tracker on GNU/Gentoo Linux
except #17 and “Ao Encalço” – all poetry by me.

ffmpeg and gStreamer for audio visualization and video rendering

Expert Linux (Brazil)

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Tecnologia da Informação, FreeBSD e servidores Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS, Gentoo) – Virtualização (Xen, VmWare, AWS, DigitalOcean) – – WebServers (Apache, nginx, tomcat7) – – Linguagens de Programação (ANSI C, Perl and Shell script), – – Caches e Proxy (Squid, Varnish) – – MAILSERVER (postfix) – – DNS (Bind, named) — Banco de Dados, MySQL e pgSQL (tarefas adm) – – MONITORAMENTO com Nagios/Centreon.
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Information Technology, FreeBSD and Linux Servers (Ubuntu, CentOS, Gentoo) – Virtualization (Xen, VmWare, AWS, DigitalOcean) – – WebServers (Apache, nginx, tomcat7) – – Computer Languages (ANSI C, Perl and Shell script), – – Caches and Proxy (Squid, Varnish) – – MAILSERVER (postfix) – – DNS (Bind, named) — MySQL and pgSQL SysAdm tasks – – MONITORING with Nagios/Centreon.



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Portais, provedores de conteúdo e outros serviços de informação na internet – CNAE 6319400

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